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A ‘natural walk’ is exploring the surroundings in a mindful and relaxing way, taking time to sniff, roll in the grass, graze, play in the stream while learning to trust other dogs and people, interacting and socialising.


It’s impressive to watch dogs improving their behaviour, their manners and their fitness level after just a few walks.


On our walks the dogs are relaxed, focused and are free to be themselves.


The dogs are walked in small groups in order to keep a close eye on them at all times.


Why do I avoid bringing toys and balls on the walks


1.  The natural walk promotes a behaviour that is close to what the dogs would do if they were free and makes them as tired as they would be if they were playing with a ball.

2.  Tennis balls and small toys are dangerous. During my time working at the vets I saw many dogs choking on them, swallowing them and needing surgery to remove them from their stomach.

3.  Some dogs have guarding issues towards balls and toys and we don’t want to stress them out trying to figure out who the toys belong to.

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